Kyriaki Neophytou

Kyriaki Neophytou

Kyriaki Neophytou


Room 1.20
Ashworth Laboratories II

Phone: +44 (0) 131 651 3617

Email: Kyriaki.Neophytou[at]

2022-present Postdoctoral Research Associate, Institute of Infection and Immunology Research, The University of Edinburgh

2018-2022 PhD student, Institute of Infection and Immunology Research, The University of Edinburgh

Project: Studying the function of an Argonaute protein secreted from Heligmosomoides bakeri

2017-2018 MSc by Research in Hosts, Pathogens & Global Health (Part of the Wellcome Trust funded 4 year PhD programme Hosts, Pathogens & Global Health), The University of Edinburgh

Projects: The mechanistic basis of tolerating infection; Tracking host and parasite RNA using CLICK chemistry; Characterisation of a trypanosome small RNA

2016-2017 Analytical Molecular Biology industrial placement student, Allergan Biologics Ltd., an affiliate of Allergan plc (now Pharmaron Biologics Ltd), Liverpool

2012-2017 BSc in Biological Sciences with Honours in Molecular Genetics, The University of Edinburgh

Project: Characterisation of a unique bacterial homologue of eukaryotic ubiquitin

Research Interests

I am interested in cross-species communication and particularly in host-parasite interactions. My current research focuses on determining the function of a parasite-derived Argonaute protein and its associated small RNAs.


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Chow FWN, Koutsovoulos G, Ovando-Vázquez C, Neophytou K, Bermúdez-Barrientos J, Laetsch DR, Robertson E, Kumar S, Claycomb JM, Blaxter M, Abreu-Goodger C and Buck AH (2019) Secretion of an Argonaute protein by a parasitic nematode and the evolution of its siRNA guides. Nucleic Acids Research, 47(7): 3594-3606. Available at: