When the sun shines in Edinburgh...
Pub lunch with Cei Abreu-Goodger's lab
Thursday afternoon fun! Livia Gautel, Tom Fenton & Alex Daley
Thanksgiving dinner plan B. Thank you Sarah & Niklaus for hosting!
Post croquet drinks at the Black Ivy (under the heat lamp!)
Dr. Ressel has done it! With support from Scott (and Niklas)
Strategy lunch meeting with collaborator Amy Pedersen (from our cars) - amazing to do a "face-to-face
Our last lab meeting pre-lockdown
Birthday celebrations, two months into lockdown
Lab dinner out at Hanedans
Scottish field site for Apodemus sylvaticus in action
Thanks to Amy Pedersen's lab for hosting us in the field to learn about the real habitat of H.polygyrus.
The Three Mouseketeers
Beto meets H.polygyrus
Franklin, Flo & Fernando
Dr. Coakley
Congratulations Dr. Coakley!
Visiting Erasmus student Tomasz and Franklin
November night out with Macias lab
Fabio's leaving lunch
Congratulations Dr Praihirunkit!
Plaque assays
Plaque assays on a Friday afternoon
July celebrations!
Dr. Diwa! Congratulations and good luck at the Pirbright Institute!
Traditional viva celebration cake!
Juan Quintana meets Princess Anne, Chancellor of the University
Secret Santa
Fernando's in the holiday spirit! We will miss you till you're back next year!
A lab that cleans together!
2014 RNA retreat
Firbush small RNA retreat 2014
Anna passes her viva! Achim Schnaufer, Anna Hoy, Karl Hoffman
Nouf passes her viva celebration!
Marissa's bon voyage (to motherhood) party!
Best Overall Poster Prize - SULSA 5th Annual Symposium 2013
Enjoying Hyrda with Judi
Valentina Libri, Amy Buck, Aleksandra Helwak
Pascal Miesen - lab dinner party
Mingling with the Evolutionary Biologists: Tom Little, Amy Pedersen, Seanna McTaggart & Nicole Mideo
Christmas night out! Judi Allen, Anna Hoy & Amy Buck